• Networking/ Job opportunities

  • Leadership development

  • Political awareness and involvement

  • Opportunity to serve local community

  • Professional development seminars

  • Statewide participation with students and professionals

Our Mission

FES supports engineering education, advocates licensure, promotes the ethical and competent practice of engineering, and enhances the image and well-being of all engineering in the state of Florida; and furthers the public's awareness, support and connection to STEM

Our Team
  • 3,000+ Members statewide focused on professionalism

  • Our strength comes from our members 

  • Constant opportunities to excel and grow

  • FES draws on individual excellence to create a WINNING TEAM



Our FES chapter here at Valencia College is an invaluable resource for current and future engineering students who want to get face to face with professional engineers around the greater Orlando area, and even statewide!
Being an active member of FES rewards you not only with presentations from engineers, activities, and food, but also with knowledge of all the different engineering professions available and what goes into each.
Each time you attend a meeting, or volunteer for an event you gain points. Once you earn points you are able to go on engineering tours, request an FES t-shirt, and you can even get a cord for graduation!

Please also sign up become a member of the Parent Chapter of FES where when you graduate you can continue your membership on a state level



Charles W. Davis, Jr., M.S.

Professor & Adviser

Mathematics & Engineering

Co-Chair (2018-2019) of Florida Engineer Society Annual Conference Committee

Co-Chair (2017-19) of the Professional Engineers in Industry (Florida Engineering Society)

Co-Chair (2016-19) of the National Academy Foundation (Academy of Engineers, OCPS)

Florida Engineering Leadership Institute – Class of 2017

National Society of Professional Engineers – Engineer Faculty of the Year (2014, 2015 & 2016)


Mark Knowles

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Vice President

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Samuel Caicedo

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Senator of Marketing



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Social Media Manager

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Senator of Communications

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Website Development




Every second Tuesday of the month unless announced we discuss our plans for the future as engineers going over different disciples.

Each meeting we lay out our plans for the school semester. 

Our plans consist of community outreach, workshops, engineering-related projects, & tours.

Occasionally we have guest speakers from within the industry sharing their experiences. ​





For any inquiries, questions or suggestions, please fill out the form below

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